According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2016, there are currently an estimated 248,000 EMTs across the country. At 48% of the total, most of them are working in both ambulance services (public and private). Local governments (excluding educational institutions and hospitals), on the other hand, employ around 28% of all EMT’s. (1)

Although many consider their job to be extremely stressful, the EMT profession is still one of the fastest growing occupations. The BLS predicted that the number of EMT nationwide would grow around 15% in the next ten years. This value is considered higher than average with regards to all occupations.

For these reasons, many wonder why so many people are enticed by the idea of becoming an emergency medical technician. Some hypothesize that it may be their salary that makes the job so attractive. So, many are probably wondering how much an EMT salary is.

According to U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook of 2016, EMTs can receive an average annual wage $32, 670. The average salary of all US professional, in contrast, is at a higher value of $37,040. This difference shows that EMTs often earn less than most people in the country.

Emergency Medical Technicians who work for hospitals (private, local, and state) receive the highest amount at an average of $35,390. Meanwhile, those who work for local governments (excluding educational facilities and hospitals) earn on the average $35,000 per year. Lastly, EMTs in ambulance services receive the lowest average of $30,380 for the same period. (2)

Factors That Make Affect An EMT’s Salary

As can be seen from the values that were shown above, emergency medical technicians do not make much money. It is also evident that there are significant disparities when it comes to the salaries of different EMTs. These variations may be due to various factors present in the profession.

Location Of The EMT Department

Each EMT department has the freedom to decide what they believe is fair and just salaries for their EMTs. One of the most significant factors that EMT departments consider when determining salaries is the locality or state they belong to. The reason for this is that some places are more economically prosperous than others; hence, some departments are more capable of giving higher wages.

Work Terms Between An EMT And Their Employer

Danger never sleeps, for that reason, EMT departments need to be available 24/7. It means that some EMTs may need to work more hours than others; hence, they often receive higher salaries than those with shorter work schedules.

Length Of Service Of An EMT

The longer an EMT works, the more skills they learn; hence, the more value they can offer employers. People who have worked for many years in EMT departments often have mastered how their work goes. It means that they are more effective and efficient than their younger counterparts. That difference is why employers usually give long-term employees more benefits and higher salaries than their other employees.

Other Factors

Other factors can determine how much money an EMT will receive. Some of them may include the field they are working in, the educational background they have and more. For those who wish to be EMTs, they must research deeper on the salary packages the department they want offers.


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